Instant Domain Search

The first thing you have to must know is that each Domain Name Registration should be unique and need to be registered through a registrar But websites on the internet to be identified, every single domain name. When you buy a domain from Onlive Server then you can get the facility to Instant Domain Search through our search bar to register your domain quickly. When you book a domain from our site then it will show the result ‘unavailable’ to another person who can search the same domain because this domain name is reserved for you. Instant Domain Search from Onlive Server uses an intelligent algorithm to search 2 billion-plus domains instantly as you type. As soon as you start typing your keywords or phrases. We will provide you with a list of available domains We check our database daily and do hundreds of searches each day so we can find top-level domains like .com, .net and other ccTLDs that are still available for registration. Check out all available keyword-rich domains in our system right now. Find a great name that helps people find your business online today.

How do I Check Domain Name Availability?

To see whether or not a domain name is available, simply enter it into your browser. You’ll then be taken to an area where you can search instantaneously. If you find one you like, simply click on it and enter your information to get started with registration. How Long Do I Own My Domain? As long as your account remains active, you will own your domain name indefinitely.

There are no expiration dates associated with our domains; however, if you fail to renew your account before it expires, you will lose all ownership of your domains unless there is another party interested in purchasing them from Onlive Server. Should My Business Be In The .com Top Level Domain? With more than 200 TLDs (top-level domains) now offered, it’s tough to know which one makes sense for your business. If you already have a presence online but haven’t purchased your domain yet, do some research on which extension works best for local businesses, for example, customers seem to prefer .local over other options such as .co.

Have you used Instant domain search?

If you are planning on starting a business and want it to be successful, then it’s time you start searching for domain names! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you start, you need a domain name first. After all, without one, how will people find your website? It’s just not going to happen. This is why we have created an infographic explaining how instant domain search works.

We’ve also added some handy tips that can help you get started when choosing a domain name. We wish you luck! Please use our instant domain search tool before buying a new domain name! You may find something even better than you expect. Good luck with your new business! Are There Different Kinds of Domains?: When it comes to domains there are two kinds. The more popular one is known as a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). These were originally reserved for specific countries around the world, but now any country can claim its own ccTLD.

Is it possible to change a domain name?

This can be a problem for business owners who purchased their domain name during their start-up phase, only to realize that it didn’t reflect how they want people to find them online. If you purchased your domain name through Onlive Server and are now looking for a way to change it, there are two ways you can go about doing so: 1 updating your URL forwarding settings and 2 re-registering your current URL with us under a new name. Both methods require some technical know-how; if you need help changing your domain name, Is it possible to delete a domain? There is no delete button when creating a website or adding domains; however, once you own domains with Onlive Server, you have control over your domains in various other ways.

You can learn more about controlling domains here. Can I transfer my .com domain to Onlive Server: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently changed its registration rules governing generic top-level domains (gTLDs), resulting in many gTLD registries introducing temporary restrictions on certain domains being transferred away from their respective registrars.

Why is it necessary to register a domain name?

Hosting your website on a server is one of the best ways to make sure that your site is accessible to all of your visitors. Your website will not go down and will never be out of service. There are many different hosting companies available online, each with its own unique services and discounts. The best way to find which company is the best for you is to do some research about the companies before you settle on one. There are many things that you should look at when you are searching for a hosting company such as reliability, quality, price, customer service, and many other factors.


While the Best Reseller Hosting Onlive Server is extremely fast and convenient in many ways, there are some caveats to this server as well. IP address changes and account disconnections are all too common with Onlive. And you can forget about streaming or downloading media files when you do manage to get an account. All of these issues together make it a risk to depend on the Onlive server for anything important or mission-critical. Onlive Server is a domain search that makes domain registration as easy as possible. It’s a quick and simple way to find, purchase, and download the perfect domain name.