There are many hosting companies that offer the best hosting platform for your website. However, Amazon Web Service offers one of the best platforms for buyers and sellers. The first and most obvious reason is that you have the products and can help you sell them on Amazon itself. But if you have your website? So 1-click ordering from Amazon Web Service can also help you gain an advantage in your e-business.

It’s as easy as loading your products and setting the price. This program requires a minimal cost, allows you to get more traffic to your website and increases your chances of getting more revenue from more traffic and clicks. If your business is more service-oriented than your products, there is also a function for a website that also offers a collection of your services that are advertised together with your products. Another way to maximize your revenue on Amazon is the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. This way, you can store your products in Amazon’s logistics centers. They can pack and ship these products safely and directly and offer high quality customer service on your behalf.

Site management requires a lot of infrastructure. This infrastructure is also a valuable resource if you can earn money. AWS seems to prove it. They want to provide the infrastructure that drives the next wave of websites. The amazing thing about Amazon Web Services is that there are no installation costs or other upfront costs to configure a scalable, world-class Web application. If you can imagine, you can build it on the Amazon framework.

So here’s what they actually offer and what it means.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

This is the jewel of Amazon’s web service offerings. Unlimited (theoretical) plug-in storage space, while at the beginning there were some problems and some limitations (maximum size of the object 5 GB), S3 offers a scalable, highly available and secure persistent storage. I looked at it when it was offered for the first time and, although it was a very good service, it was difficult to intervene in some types of product due to the “secret” key needed to preserve objects for safety was crucial.

Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)

It’s so beautiful that it’s hard to describe. Think about virtualization with steroids. Unlimited processing power at your fingertips. No installation fee and a 10 cents per hour processor fee and you have something very interesting.

Simple Amazon DB

Amazon SimpleDB … one of the key elements that unites everything is exactly what the name promises. A simple database. But … a simple database that adapts to an extremely high number of connections, a large number of tables and a huge number of records.