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While the industry for website hosting was still in its early stages, the majority of the personal sites and business owners were suggested to avoid having the same provider for cheap domain registration and site hosting. So, why do you think businesses and site owners were advised to have separate providers for domain name registration and website hosting? One of the chief reasons behind this fact was reducing the monopoly of a service provider over the online presence of a company or an individual. This generally involved the website content and web address of the company or individual.

Consider Web Hosting and Cheap Domain Registration Under a Single Roof?

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Take for instance, if users positioned both their domain and website services under a single service provider and forgot to make the payments of their hosting charges, the repercussion of this situation would be that their sites would be going down until they made all the payments. This situation might worsen in circumstances when both the parties have a long billing dispute because users will not be able to transfer their URL to some other new registrar until the problem is resolved. Nevertheless, if the users had separate domain registrars and separate website hosting service providers, they could conveniently transfer the domain to some other new site even if they did not pay the bills on time. They would also have the option of signing up for a brand new site hosting service provider.

The Advantages of Having Separate Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration Providers

Firms that have allowed their URLs to expire have been the cause of panic always. In the years when the internet initially started up, excuses could be accepted because of human negligence. This was because not every individual was very well-versed in the management of multiple providers of website hosting and domain names. Moreover, majority of the domain registrars enforced strict regulations when the domain name of the customers expired. Nevertheless, times have not changed in the present times as well and tragedy can happen almost anytime and at any place.