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Norway Dedicated server ,Spain VPS Server, Germany Dedicated web hosting are online business companies that can fulfill all requirements for a website like security, bandwidth, space and uptime. The world is currently more used to the web showcase where everybody has their own particular online business to develop, extend and plug. Norway Dedicated Server hosting Industry assumes a significant part in making their customers sites renowned and help in giving best website speed, uptime, and so on.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Norway Dedicated - DSX1Intel Core i5 16 GB 500 GB SSD1 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$64.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX2Intel Core i716 GB 500 GB SSD1 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$72.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX112x Intel Xeon E5-2650L V232 GB 250 GB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$512.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX12 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650L V232GB 250 GB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$701.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX3AMD Ryzen 560032 GB 1TB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$140.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX10AMD EPYC 7402P256 GB 250 GB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$2590.00
Norway Dedicated – DSX4AMD Ryzen 560064 GB 1TB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$168.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX8AMD EPYC 7302P64 GB 250 GB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$841.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX9AMD EPYC 7402P128 GB 250 GB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$1121.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX6AMD Ryzen5950X64 GB 1TB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$223.00
Norway Dedicated - DSX7AMD Ryzen5950X128 GB 1TB NVMe10 GBPS1 IPOslo, Norway$279.00

Web hosting through committed server India has demonstrated as greatly productive for electronic organizations by numerous site proprietors who run expansive scale business on the web. Dedicated hosting is one of the well known hosting plans that enables one single server to a site and is not impart to anybody in World Wide Web. With a committed server, you are renting a whole web server for your online business purposes. This sort of hosting let you have incredible control over the server and host your site only, and additionally appreciate a secured private systems administration encounter. Clients can get endless advantages and preferences with a committed server.

Data center features such as:

System Redundancy: You can utilize interchange ways on the committed server hosting to accomplish negligible down time and steady accessibility.

Power Redundancy: With 3 levels of repetition, your site will stay operational notwithstanding the power blackout.

Specialized help: 24X7 specialized help where you have a group of specialists accessible for your help all through.

Space and transfer speed: With committed server hosting in India. You can utilize the accessible space and data transmission to its fullest limit. This is perfect for the organizations under extension or gunning for one.


Security: As you don’t need to share the web hosting with other sites, you have the protected space. You won’t stress over the security issues because of different sites.

Spain Dedicated Server is exclusively committed for the website admin to use at his own particular transfer. To put it plainly, the whole physical server is just yours to utilize, and yours alone, not at all like shared server where many individuals are using a similar server at one hosting condition. Contingent upon whether you need it to act naturally oversaw or believe it to a hosting organization. You can do basically all that you want with dedicated servers.

Committed hosting can looked at on owning a solitary occupant house, wherein you are permit and have the full access to all assets accessible on the machine. Nobody else on that machine can take advantage of your assets other than you. In this way, allowing you to secure every one of your information and critical record put away in your server.

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