Japan Dedicated Server

For most businesses, choosing the right hardware and hosting environment are among the most important decisions they’ll make. However, even if you choose the right hardware, it might not be enough to ensure that your business will succeed online, especially if you don’t have the knowledge to leverage that hardware properly. This goes double when you choose the wrong hardware or hosting environment! That’s why so many businesses rely on Onlive Server for their Japan Dedicated Server – we’re able to provide affordable server solutions which can take your business to new heights!

What should I consider when buying a server?

When you’re in a bind and need to rent a server, it’s critical that you know what to look for. We believe that considering these five things is a great way to find quality and affordable Japan dedicated servers in no time. These five questions will help you find reliable and professional hosting services that won’t disappoint. Here are some helpful answers to consider when searching for quality servers in Japan

How much space do I need? If you don’t have a lot of data to store or need significant capacity, then smaller providers may suffice. Onlive Server offers quality Japan dedicated servers for $139 per month with unlimited bandwidth and over 100GB of storage space per month! This is perfect for those looking to host their website or database without spending too much money on something they don’t need. What kind of support should I expect? It’s critical that your provider has great customer service so that you can get help when you need it most. Whether it be tech support via phone, email, or live chat, make sure your provider has a way to get in touch quickly if there are any issues with your server.

Should I get unlimited resources or pay per GB?

At Onlive Server, we like to keep things simple. We offer two choices for our Japan dedicated servers; a pre-configured package or unlimited resources. If you choose unlimited resources, you will not be charged based on your resource consumption. You will only pay for additional services and bandwidth you consume after your server has been fully configured. At Onlive Server, we believe that our quality Japan dedicated servers are worth every penny they cost because they do not require us to make constant adjustments based on resource consumption trends. To us, it’s all about keeping costs low while providing high-quality service.

Do I need Windows or Linux on my server?

The first decision you have to make when renting a server is what kind of server environment do you need? Do you want it for web hosting, business applications, or a game server? Also, what application will be installed on your new virtual private server. Not all VPS web hosting services are suitable for all applications so if you want to avoid disappointment and wasted time choosing the wrong hosting provider check our list of best VPS providers in every category. If you’re still not sure which type of dedicated servers in Japan fits your needs feel free to contact our team we will help find the right solution according to your budget and needs. Onlive Server offers high-quality dedicated servers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other major cities across Japan starting from $139/mo.

How do I choose where to put my server?

Choosing where to put your server can seem like a daunting task. The internet is huge and it seems like there are servers in every country on Earth. Fortunately, choosing a server location for your business or personal website doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way to decide where you want your server is to look at what your needs are. Here are some things you should consider when making a decision.

Due to Japanese geography, there are several distinct areas in each city. In Tokyo, these include Yamanote (Western Tokyo), Chuo (Central Tokyo), Kanto (Eastern Tokyo), and Kansai (which is actually made up of three different districts). In Osaka, they are as follows: Chugoku/Shikoku, Kinki/Kansai, and Kyushu. For example, our Osaka-based data center sits right next to a famous golf course in Chuo; and another sits just a few blocks away from a JR West train station in Fukuchiyama. We’ve placed our servers in areas that are easy for everyone around Asia to access.

How is Onlive Server better than competitors?

Onlive Server is able to offer you better pricing than our competitors because we specialize in dedicated servers in Japan. We know how to deliver great quality and fast servers, which enables us to keep prices down for our customers. We take pride in our ability to deliver a dedicated server solution with great value for money, so you can choose between physical servers with redundancy or virtual servers depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable solution that will perform well under pressure and fit within your budget, Onlive Server has what you need. Contact us today!

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