USA VPS Hosting Can Host Many Site Simultaneously by Onlive Server

USA VPS Hosting Can Host Many Site Simultaneously by Onlive Server

USA VPS Server Hosting by Onlive Server

Onlive Server has a world-class hosting data center with 3-level security. Get Cheap VPS Hosting Plans, you can choose Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting at a Great Price. When the user needs an excellent customer support service, then our world-class excellent data center provide free technical support without any terms and conditions. Each of our VPS server that is available on the Onlive Server hosting company.

The company also offers some exceptional features with our Cheap VPS Hosting plan. If you choose the cheapest VPS hosting solution in the United States, then it does not mean that you will find poor quality, resources or low-performance servers. USA-based VPS plans provide full support with scalable resource management services to users that they can use it well. You get an extremely comfortable control on the server with configurable options like Plesk, Ajenti, Webmin, and many more.

We have the maximum control panels that come from the control authority. Its authority provides efficient and independent site management facilities. All users can get maximum protection against all types of security threats.

Great KVM Services

When looking for a virtual private server service provider, you need to take a close look at the techniques and platforms they provide. Onlive Server provides advanced virtualization management for servers to manage it as per needs. Its an excellent feature such as reliable tolerance, enhanced storage management, and scalability.

This is the main feature of any VPS hosting service. The performance of a hosting service depends on the server supported RAM. From server efficiency to speed and power consumption, all of this depends on storage capacity. Due to stability, your website will get powerful security. If your website has some traffic, when you need 1 GB of RAM to run cPanel and Plesk easily on VPS for a website.

But if you are using the multiple websites with high traffic, you will need 2 GB RAM, large recourses and large space. It is depending on the application, when your business is new then it will not require large space. But when your business is famous so you will need a large space for the website.

High Advantages

Our Onlive Server company now offers the USA VPS Server Hosting plans with the high processor. Each of our VPS brings many utilizable services such as 2 core, Memory – 2 GB RAM, storage capacity up to 60 GB space, bandwidth speed up to 2 TB data transfer, IPv4 1 dedicated IP, network – 100 Mbps , Hypervisor – KVM architecture, OS – Windows and Linux, Reboot – Via Control Panel, Help – Skype and Tickets, Support – Fully Managed, etc. If you choose VPS then it will take a few times like some minutes to 0.

We prepare each VPS hosting plan that should be customizable according to your request. Cheap VPS Hosting provides high privileges that you can change the specifications when business traffic increases or decreases.

Reliable For High Development

VPS Server is the best hub for the development of the businesses. This is the reason that we offer highly secure VPS plans at the marketplace to stand in terms of quality and pricing. In the United States, Onlive Server is good-class hosting providers that are completely bent on providing top quality VPS hosting solutions within affordable rates. Our hosting providers have a large series of VPS plans in the USA.

Our web services will secure with comfortable prices. Here is the exclusive customer support as a Technical Expert. Onlive Server has designed a large number of USA VPS Server hosting packages that perfectly suit the budget of every individual. This means that you will never be disappointed with the rate of the VPS Server Hosting that is available at our data centers in the United States. We have three data center in the USA, first in Columbus, Ohio, second is Kansas City, Missouri, third is Buffalo, New York, USA.

Post On : June 19, 2019