What are the benefits of Going for USA VPS Hosting? Onlive Server

What are the benefits of Going for USA VPS Hosting? Onlive Server

USA VPS Server Hosting at Cheapest Prices

Onlive Server offers USA VPS Server hosting which provides root access to the server with a completely isolated environment and dedicated resources. This means that no other site can access your resources. Choosing USA VPS server hosting solutions means that there are multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, but users have an isolated environment with dedicated resources such as 4 Core processor, 4 GB of RAM, 4000 GB of higher speed bandwidth and 120 GB of storage at just$44/per month. In addition, full root access users have the flexibility to make technical changes that may not be possible if they choose shared server hosting solutions. All in all, with a VPS Server Hosting model from a trusted web hosting company like Onlive Server, you get sophisticated performance, flexibility, and control. All of these features are reserved for dedicated server users, but you can get them at much lower rates on your VPS server.

Why USA VPS Is Necessary for All Website –

USA VPS Hosting is the right hosting plan as compare to other hosting plans. VPS server hosting comes in the form of an isolated environment with dedicated resources. VPS servers have more computing power, which automatically means that loading their sites does not take long. Hosting VPS servers in the US is being presented as one of the most suitable solutions for seasonally-growing traffic applications or applications with high CPU or RAM load. VPS server hosting is the cheapest solution before starting the server with dedicated hosting.

Specific Benefits

One of the more specific benefits that can be received by USA VPS server is that the desired operating system. There are multiple operating system options like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Centos, and Windows. As well as also offer multiple control panels such as Plesk, Ajenti, ZPanel, Sentora, ISPConfig, and VestaCP. You have features such as unlimited bandwidth for data transfer, a network connectivity speed of 20 Mbps, and a dedicated IP address for your buffalo based VPS server in USA.

Here are some common questions about the different hosting areas of VPS USA:

1. What can I get free with VPS Server Hosting?

You can get free technical support service, there are no charges for technical support. And also get free lots of operating system and control panel. USA VPS packages offer free resource monitoring, 99.9% uptime, SSH access, root access, and 1 dedicated IP with an FTP account. User assistance support teams are also available.

4. Is my server resource will be shared with other hosting plans?

No, the server resource will never share to another operating system so that the performance of your website will not be affected under any circumstances. This is because VPS hosting generally avoids any kind of bad neighbor behavior or effect by providing an isolated environment in which users have dedicated memory and RAM as well as assigned CPUs.

3. Which type of operating systems can I configure on my VPS server?

You can configure multiple types of operating systems. Some of the operating systems are free and some of chargeable. Basically, we provide these are operating systems like Centos, Fedora, Suse, and Windows can be easily configured on a Cheap VPS Hosting server.

4. What is the snapshot in VPS?

This service allows you to build your server quickly. You can restore this image and use it as a backup.

5. What about support, is it chargeable or free?

You will get a 24×7 technical support service at free of cost. Because there is no need to pay any charge for technical support. Just create a ticket, your resource will be solved as soon as possible.

Post On : June 6, 2019