What is Cloud VPS Server?

A Cloud VPS server is a virtual server that can be installed on your own computer or any other server, like a cloud server. VPS servers are more powerful than shared hosting and have the same security features like dedicated servers. They also come with greater storage space, much faster speeds (if you choose to use SSD drives), better support for advanced networking options, and many more additional features. We are providing the best VPS Cloud Server at a very low price in 50+ locations. Also offers an easy and most powerful cloud control panel to manage your VPS. By this, you can restart, format, use the VNC console, and you can change the root or administration password yourself, and also reinstall the full OS and web control panel.


These services are an ideal choice for businesses with regularly growing or fluctuating bandwidth requirements. With increasing business needs, it becomes easier to accommodate cloud capacity and attract remote servers to the service. Similarly, it is possible to reduce the capacity again according to the requirements. Such agility will ensure businesses have a competitive edge. No surprise preset-edge CEOs are vouching for cloud servers’ amazing ‘operational agility as a pinnacle reason to adopt.

Very cost-effective

Since businesses are not required to purchase equipment and build and operate an entire data center, not a great deal of money is wasted on utilities, hardware, facilities, and various other aspects of operations. Traditional computing is different. Onlive Server offers the Best Cheap VPS with high protected security. You can choose them according to small or large business; the VPS Server has an excellent benefit.

Quick Reduction in Expenses

This is the era of recession. The trend of business-related reductions such as the one the energy industry is following has led cloud computing to offer a very flexible cost structure. It helps to limit exposure.

Free Capital Expenditure

With cloud computing, you can rest assured about cutting back on rising hardware costs. All you have to do is pay as you go. It’s all about taking advantage of the subscription-based model. It will be surprisingly gentle on your cash flow. Additionally, you will benefit from the ease of setup. Management is very efficient and your complex IT project becomes friendlier!

Automatic software updates

One of the best things about cloud computing is the off-premises servers. Once out of sight, they’re out of your head too! Everything is taken care of by the suppliers on your behalf. They will also regularly roll out updates on the software. Security updates from time to time are also taken care of. Hence, you are free from the worry of wasting a lot of time maintaining the entire system on your own. So, you will be absolutely free to focus on other important things that are important to you like growing your business and much more.

M&A Activity Support

Cloud computing is able to adjust to changes faster than normal web hosting. It helps to convert two organizations into one efficiently and at a faster pace. On the other hand, traditional computing may require many years of migrating applications before two different companies can run on the same IT stack, combined with decommissioning the data center.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential strategy for businesses of all sizes. However, small businesses lacking sufficient cash and expertise can rely on cloud servers. Cloud is helping organizations by offering and providing them with recovery solutions that save a lot of their time, avoid huge upfront investments, and much more.

Less impact on the environment

With only a few data centers around the world promising effective operation, cloud hosting servers have little impact

Q: Can a cloud VPS scale?

A: Cloud solutions can not only scale – this is one of their major benefits. The large network of servers ensures that you can constantly add resources on the go and keep your websites quickly and responsive. Instead of upgrading your hosting package, you can simply opt-in for extra RAM, disk space, or something else you presently need.

This improved scalability works excellent for businesses on a budget, permitting them to pay only for what they’re using.

Q: How frequently is my cloud server backed up?

A: Depending on your hosting provider, you may find different options when it comes to backup. Since this is an essential part of your security strategy, you’ll want as many recent backups as possible to be kept safely in an offsite location.

Onlive Server gives cloud VPS clients the opportunity to easily manage their archives through cPanel. Schedule backups, create custom backups, or restore a previous copy of your website – everything is just a few clicks away.