Google Workspace Pricing

What is google workspace?

Google workspaces are cloud-based applications available to you from any computer with an internet connection, with your business data always up-to-date and secure. With Google workspaces, access to critical business apps is simple and streamlined. A few clicks get you started on a web browser of your choice. Whether that’s Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can use Google Workspaces Pricing to create new documents, view existing ones, share files and chat live with colleagues without installing any software. And even if you’re working offline, Google will save all your changes as soon as there’s an internet connection again — no need to worry about losing that big presentation in case of a power cut.

Google Workspace Pricing

Google Workspace Vs. Onlive Server – Which Is Better?

It offers Google Workspace for the same price as Onlive Server (free). However, the added advantage of Onlive Server is that you can manage all like your domain and hosting in one panel. That’s because we offer everything under one roof, whereas Google workspaces are sold separately.

What is Google workspace pricing?

Google workspace pricing is the amount of money that you pay for a Google account. The price of a Google account depends on the type of plan that you have chosen and can range from $1.7 to $32.19 per month.

The benefits of having a Google workspace account are:

  • You get an extra 10 GB storage space in your Google Drive.
  • You can work with multiple people at once through shared editing, screen sharing, and voice chat features.
  • There are also other benefits like being able to share your calendar and documents with your team members.

How to use google workspace to your advantage

Google is one of those platforms that has provided us with a lot of help in making things easier and more efficient, especially when it comes to business processes. When using a platform like Google, you will realize that there are various tools on offer which can use for efficient communication purposes, streamlining tasks. Even easing research processes by providing you with essential information about important people and concepts in almost no time at all.

For example, Google workspaces can use to create and edit documents remotely. As well as storing them securely online instead of having to use a USB or external hard drive which can get misplaced easily. However, Google workspaces aren’t cheap and so many companies have found other ways of taking advantage of its features without breaking their budget. One such way is through Onlive server where hosting plans start from $9 per month; compared to Google workspace which offers google cloud services starting from $50 per month onwards. So, if you want an alternative to Google workspace without sacrificing much in terms of functionality or quality, then Onlive Server is just what you need! Read more here.

What are the top features of Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud-hosted version of Google Drive that offers an office suite experience for your business. It’s a great alternative to using Microsoft Office desktop software, as it provides easier access to your files from any device, and it also helps eliminate the need for expensive onsite IT support.

The workspace includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Files can create and edit in those applications, or they can upload and convert into a compatible file format. The workspace also supports the creation of Google Workspace presentations that can view offline.

Here are some of the Unique features of Google Workspace:
  • Find the apps you need and find them easily.
  • Employees can send and receive files, share documents, edit them without downloading anything
  • It has an offline mode that allows you to continue working on documents even when you are not connect to the Internet.
  • Customize the way you look and organize your content with tabs in Gmail, Calendar, or Docs by creating folders and labels.
  • Create multiple virtual workspaces to manage different types of work so you can focus on what matters most to you at any given time.
  • Control how much time you spend on each task with your Day, Week, or Month view.


The system is very user-friendly and can access from any device. Google provides you with a free workspace for your business and it comes with some great features such as the ability to collaborate in real-time, share documents and even edit right there on the platform.

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