What is cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel hosting is a web hosting solution built on an open-source platform called Linux. Linux was first developed in 1991 by Onlive Server who created it to run an operating system for his personal computer. Years later, other programmers began developing their own versions of Linux so that they could work on it and improve its functionality without breaking Torvald’s code. cPanel Web Hosting It became popular among users because they had full control over what they were using. if a file broke or didn’t function correctly, you could fix it yourself instead of needing technical assistance. Today, as many as 20% of servers run on some form of Linux-based software including cPanel servers.

Since there are many different types of Linux platforms available, each with its own specialties and benefits. It can be difficult to understand how exactly cPanel works compared to another type of Linux host. The best way to understand how cPanel functions are to look at its core components: Apache 2 (httpd), Lighttpd (Lighty), MySQL (MySQL), and PHP 5(PHP). Together these applications work in unison with one another to provide users with most tools necessary for normal operation such as creating databases, editing files remotely, adding email accounts, and setting up mailing lists. This makes working on a website much easier. It would be otherwise because everything you need is right there within reach rather than scattered throughout various programs.

Why should Choose Cpanel Web Hosting

Cpanel (control panel) is a user interface that makes a complicated system more manageable for developers and average users. Cpanel allows users to set up and manage email accounts, databases, file permissions, domains, FTP accounts, subdomains, and more. A cPanel account also allows you to access your files via SFTP or FTPS (secure FTP). cPanel backup software enables you to set up automated backups of your website at regular intervals so you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected. You can choose from 3 types of backups: Normal, Incremental, and Differential.

When setting up your Cpanel backup process it will first start out as Normal; what that means is it will only back up all new information since last time instead of all changes since day one like incremental or differential would do. Incremental backs up everything changed since last full backup while differential backs up everything changed since last incremental. If you are not sure how long something takes feel free to contact us today! Our support team works 24/7 on weekdays and weekends if needed. All our servers have daily automatic snapshots which enable you to restore previous versions instantly.

Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

The most prominent advantage of cPanel hosting is its wide range of features. You will find everything you need in a standard web hosting package, and all of these tools are accessible in one place. What’s more, they’re very easy to use. Since they’re located within a web interface, it doesn’t matter whether you have experience developing websites or not; you can still enjoy all of their benefits and utilize them to your advantage. In addition to that, cPanel also offers other functions such as statistics about your website’s traffic, easy-to-use site builders and blogs, email management, and so on.

This makes it ideal for small businesses with no previous experience running websites. Who want something which is fully functional without much hassle or expense involved. Once you’ve used a Cheap Reseller Hosting account, switching over to a different solution might seem like an uphill struggle. That’s because once you’re familiar with how they work and what they can do for you, it would be easier to stick with something similar rather than having to learn a whole new system that has potentially just as many (if not more) resources available.


CPanel makes it easy to host your website on Onlive Server and get started with email, site-building tools, technical support, and a lot more. We know that if you’re looking for the best web hosting, Onlive Server is a perfect choice.