Onlive Server’s cPanel Hosting Specialities

Onlive Server, a leading cPanel hosting provider offers unlimited bandwidth, instant provisioning, and 24/7 expert support to its customers. The cPanel hosting plans offered by Onlive Server are affordable and easily scalable. What’s more, we ensure that our servers offer high-level security while offering an extraordinary performance at the same time. You will get to host multiple websites under one account without any hassle as we provide full root access to our customers. For this reason, many of our clients prefer us over other providers! Onlive Server offers expert that includes unlimited bandwidth, instant provisioning, and 24/7 support at an unbeatable price.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth gives you no worries about your hosting usage, so you can rest assured that everything will work flawlessly. We guarantee Unlimited Bandwidth, giving our clients a worry-free experience when using our services. There are no caps to worry about, as well as overage charges or hidden fees; we want our clients to focus on their business, not their hosting provider. Our goal is to make all of your marketing efforts successful. Must have an excellent web presence and a fast website that loads quickly. We handle all facets of hosting in order to achieve such high standards for speed, reliability, security, and support; if you have any questions or concerns at any time during your Onlive Server experience. Let us know right away and we’ll be sure to respond promptly!


Our root access-based server system offers maximum security, including 99.99% up-time, a dedicated support team, optional DDOS protection, and 24×7 monitoring by an expert IT team who keep your data secure at all times. Our servers are also protected by both manual and automated firewalls for added peace of mind. This next-generation hosting solution also comes pre-installed with daily security updates to ensure that you have protection against malware from day one. Full Root Access: Onlive Server offers full root access on all of our servers via FTP or SSH, ensuring that you can install software whenever you need it without requiring outside assistance – we even supply our clients with their own secure FTP login credentials to make file transfer as easy as possible.


Our server gives you full root access so that you can use a dedicated IP address for your business’ website or even make your own cloud hosting platform using any script of your choice. It means that you have full control over your server to customize it according to your needs – which will help boost productivity by an order of magnitude. And we can offer it all at an unbelievable price. All our servers come with 24/7 expert support – because we know that uptime should never be compromised, not even on low-end servers like ours! So, if anything happens, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime; our technical team will be able to diagnose and fix any issues within minutes.


You’ll have control over every aspect of your hosting plan. So you can start, stop or adjust individual features as needed. If a particular service becomes redundant. You can easily disable it without worrying about whether someone else will want to use it later on down the road. With unrivaled service and your choice of hardware, you’ll experience superior hosting without the hassle of managing your own server. No longer will you need to maintain your server yourself, freeing up your time to work on what really matters—your business!

Domain Name Finder- Cheap and Reliable

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Onlive Server offers a powerful hosting solution for your domain through cPanel hosting (Cpanel hosting). Our servers are customized and optimized to provide speed, maximum security, high performance, and full root access to power your website hosted on our servers. This gives you full flexibility to manage your own server resources as per the requirement of your website in order to have optimum performance at all times without any downtime or errors in server settings. We believe in our next-generation Cpanel hosting. That will resolve all such issues once we receive feedback from our customers after getting their site live on our servers. You can contact us today for further information regarding using Onlive Servers Webhosting plans for running your web applications smoothly!